International International: Humour takes over sex

International: Humour takes over sex

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International: Humour takes over sex

SSL International Plc, the world’s leading condom maker, has a new global marketing push by using humour to promote its Durex brand. Television and print ads starring men dressed in white sperm costumes have started to appear in Europe. The ad is expected to be launched in parts of Asia soon.

The Durex ads marks a reversal from the safe-sex theme that was common of condom advertising.

In one of the new TV ads a young man is walking down the street towards his date. Behind him, a boisterous sperm-costumed crowd advances. The couple meets, but before the sperm can reach them a huge latex wall appears. Soon enough the sperm are all trapped, squirming, in a huge condom in the middle of the street. The ad’s tagline: “Durex: For a Hundred Million Reasons.”

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