International International: CBS announces fourth ‘Survivor’ locale

International: CBS announces fourth ‘Survivor’ locale

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International: CBS announces fourth ‘Survivor’ locale

Marquesas will be the destination for the next ‘Survivor’ series for CBS. The fourth installment in the reality show series will premiere Thursday, February 28. Marquesas is a place on the island of Nuku Hiva, a distant neighbour of Tahiti in the South Pacific.

Concerning CBS's strategy last year to withhold selling much of its advertising in the 2001 upfront buying market, Mr. Moonves said, "We are very pleased with the fourth quarter [2001]. The strategy appears to have worked. But for the [CBS] stations things have been tougher."

He also said that the network's National Football League ratings will be flat this year vs. that of a year ago, and that this performance is better than either ABC's Monday Night Football's ratings or those of Fox's NFL coverage.

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