International Intercept Consulting has launched online ad billing solution

Intercept Consulting has launched online ad billing solution

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Intercept Consulting has launched online ad billing solution

Intercept Consulting has launched-OptiClik-the first performance-based online ad billing solution in the country. The Chennai-based end-to-end online marketing solutions provider has around 50 per cent marketshare of the online advertising business in India and serves over 30 lakh ads daily.

Currently, all online advertising companies, including Intercept, charge their customers on the basis of number of impressions that are served on Websites. OptiClik, on the other hand, is a tool that will help advertisers pay only for the number of times their banner ads have been "clicked through" legitimately, automatically weeding out robotised clicks.

It will also deliver and maximise clicks to the advertised site, to the target audience that the advertiser desires to reach. Such target audience may include cities in India, NRIs or NRIs in specific countries. OptiClik consists of two critical components-the OptiClik Zone-a network of Websites and the Opticlik Server-a core `intelligent' server that serves ads across the OptiClik zone from a centralised location. Besides maximising results using the new tool, advertisers can track progress of their campaign through OptiClik Reporter-a real-time tracking mechanism.

Small and medium sites that receive between 50,000 to a few million page impressions per month can collectively sell their ad inventory through the OptiClik network, which would be otherwise difficult for lack of market reach. The company proposes to create specific affinity groups for auto, sports, youth etc so that advertisements can be delivered in a focussed manner on specific content-driven sites.

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