International Intam to suspend data for 3 months

Intam to suspend data for 3 months

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Intam to suspend data for 3 months

As a part of the integration of the two television rating agencies, AC Nielsen's TAM Media Research and ORG MARG's Intam, the data of Intam will be suspended from the end of March, till July 1, 2002, when the new currency for the television audience measurement ratings will be launched.

As a result of this move, all the broadcasters, advertising agencies as well as the advertisers, who have been subscribing to the Intam data till now, are currently being trained towards using the TAM software, MediaExpress.

According to company sources, TAM and Intam will be pooling their resources to form a new service with re-configured samples of households. To facilitate this, Intam will temporarily suspend supply of data from March 31, until July 2002. During that period, TAM will continue to supply its data.

Till now, both the services have been using different technology. While Intam uses picture matching technology for its peoplemeters, TAM uses a frequency system. The work is currently on to debug the software. It essentially involves software resolutions for which the process is very much on.

Though a decision on the new entity's branding is yet to be taken, sources indicate that in all probabilities, the Joint Industry Body (JIB) committee has decided upon TAM's software, MediaXpress, to be adopted.

With the launch of single television rating points (TRP) currency, the new entity will also have world's largest sample size of 5,800 peoplemeters, followed by 5,000 plus of Britain and the US each. The company is now going to install peoplemeters in as many as 110 urban and semi-rural towns in the country, including Orissa, Bihar, Rajasthan, Kerala, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh other than the existing territories.

In addition to this, TAM has also launched two value-added services that could help broadcasters and various advertisers/companies etc. in using the database. One is the sales training programme and the other one being a TAM consultancy unit.

According to the industry analysts, the sensitive issue that has been troubling the subscribers about the merger is the cost of the subscription of the single currency.

According to the company sources, the pricing will be in accordance with JIB and in concurrence with users of the databases.

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