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International INTAM, TAM deny existence of publicised households

INTAM, TAM deny existence of publicised households

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:38 AM

INTAM, TAM deny existence of publicised households

The mystery of the circulation of an anonymous letter mentioning the lists of the INTAM and TAM metered homes has deepened with the two television rating monitoring agencies claiming that some of the households mentioned were non-existent.

TAM Media Research chief executive officer L V Krishnan, said “It is an outdated list, with some of the information dating back to two years. We are checking out the list.”

ORG-MARG echoed the same line of thought. “We are checking the level of accuracy of the list. The checks so far indicate that some are metered homes but others are not,” said ORG-MARG president Ashok Das.

The rating agencies have also questioned the manner in which the lists have been circulated to the media. “It suggests that there is a vested interest behind this, who is clearly not happy with independent ratings and wants to discredit them. We are hoping that our investigation will throw some light on this,” Mr Das said.

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