International INCable trying to regain lost grounds

INCable trying to regain lost grounds

Author | NULL | Friday, May 11,2001 12:00 AM

INCable trying to regain lost grounds

After facing a severe drubbing from rivals Siticable and Hathaway for the past three years, for the first time, Hinduja’s INCable, is gaining back penetration and has plans to unbundle value-added services including broadband internet connectivity. INCable is the domain name of IndusInd Media and Communication, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Hinduja Finance.

Besides, network upgradation and expansion in the southern and western belts of the country including at least 5 major cities of Andhra Pradesh. It has decided to unveil broadband and value-added services in 8 of its 12 centres by December 2000.

Industry observers had virtually written-off IN-Cable in the battle for cable network supremacy. This tussle between the three main MSOs has gained momentum in the last three years. INCable had lost out to Hathaway and Siticable in several parts of the country in terms of cable & satellite home penetration.

The churn rate of INCable was particularly high in the northern region, a few cities in the south and lately in Mumbai as well. It had a churn rate of 30 per cent in Delhi and 5-10 per cent in Mumbai due to the aggressive tactics of Hathaway and Siticable.

The scenario now has reversed somewhat. According to IN-cable officials, the MSO has increased its head-ends from 16 to 22 in Delhi alone in the last two months. It is adding another 3 shortly which fall in east and west Delhi areas.

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