International ICANN approves 7 new Web domain names

ICANN approves 7 new Web domain names

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ICANN approves 7 new Web domain names Seven new domain suffixes have been approved by ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) ending .com's monopoly over domain names. In the nature of generic names, the new entrants are: .aero (for the travel industry), .name (for personal web addresses), .coop (for cooperatives), .pro (for professionals), .info (for any information-related sites), .biz (for businesses or corporates) and .museum (for museums). ICANN says, registration of domain names with these new suffixes will begin sometime next year. The Internet industry, which thrives on nomenclature, is exultant as, it believes, these new domain names will end the artificial scarcity on the web and expand the market. There's also a fear that if more such suffixes are approved, the entire exercise, which is aimed at simplifying things for the surfers, may end up confusing them The approval of new names was awaited by the industry ever since ICANN announcement in July this year inviting applications. As many as 47 applicants reached it; the number could have been higher if not for the big application fee, $50,000. The process of finalising the new names began on Monday and within two days ICANN had narrowed the field to nine names.
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