International IBF not to allow outsiders on board

IBF not to allow outsiders on board

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IBF not to allow outsiders on board

The Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) has barred airtime sellers and production houses from becoming board members in the association. They will also not be allowed to become primary members, but will be allowed to function as associate members.

The resolution to this effect was passed by the IBG at its latest extra ordinary general meeting. The board of directors will now be restricted to broadcasting companies.

Mr. Harish Thawani chairman, Nimbus Communication resigned before the resolution was passed. Among the other members in the IBF who will be hit by this decision are Buena Vista Television India, UTV and NDTV.

The decision is seen as a firm move by the IBF to focus on major issues faced by the broadcasters. Recently, it had taken a strong stance to protect the broadcasters’ interests against default of payment by advertising agencies.

According to the sources, airtime sellers and production houses feel that there is no reason for them to drop out of IBF so long as their interests are represented in the association.

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