International IBF lifts embargo on advertising agencies

IBF lifts embargo on advertising agencies

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IBF lifts embargo on advertising agencies

The Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) has lifted the embargo on Hindustan Thompson Associates (HTA), Fulcrum and McCann Erickson after receiving payments due to them from the three leading agencies. The decision was taken by the joint committee of the IBF and the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) and information was provided to the member broadcasters on Wednesday evening.

Inspite of the embargo announced by IBF, some of the big broadcasters had not yet pulled out the ads from their channels due to technical reasons.

IBF had informed its members that the three agencies had not cleared the dues “despite the 15 days extension given to them by the IBF board of directors. The IBF board, at the August 31 meeting, had decided to enforce the embargo on the defaulting agencies with effect from September 16.

The hard stance taken by the IBF has been applauded by the member channels.

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