International IBF is to sign an agreement with AAAI

IBF is to sign an agreement with AAAI

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IBF is to sign an agreement with AAAI

The Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) is all set to sign an agreement with the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI). Mr. Ramesh Narayan, president, AAAI, and Mr. Kunal Dasgupta, Treasurer of IBF and CEO of Sony Television, are scheduled to sign the agreement in Mumbai on February 23.

The agreement is scheduled to bring IBF on par with its parallel body of newspaper organizations-Indian Newspaper Society (INS). Similarly, AAAI members, through this agreement, will get a special status regarding the credit period for payment of advertisements and commission.

The New Delhi-based IBF was set up last year to bring television broadcasters together to address common issues and have a strong representation in the global arena, the Mumbai-based AAAI has had a significant role in the advertising world for some years now.

As per the codes laid down by the AAAI, advertising is an important and legitimate means for the seller to awaken interest in his goods and services. And that the success of advertising depends on public confidence. Now, with the IBF and AAAI scheduled to sign an agreement, both broadcasters and advertisers hope to grow stronger together.

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