International I&B ministry warns TV channels on surrogate advertising

I&B ministry warns TV channels on surrogate advertising

Author | NULL | Tuesday, May 08,2001 12:00 AM

I&B ministry warns TV channels on surrogate advertising

Advertisements and indirect promotion of alcohol have come under heavy fire from the government once again. I&B ministry has asked the broadcasters to control what it considers improper content on television. Private channels are viewing this as an extreme measure by the government.

In a note issued to the private channels, the I&B ministry noted that advertisements shown on private television channels were not in strict adherence to the provisions of the programme and advertisement code of the Cable Television Networks Act, 1995.

The ministry also has said that despite assurances given by CEOs of prominent channels in a meeting with the I&B minister, Sushma Swaraj, in November 2000, the violations continued.

The ministry has expressed displeasure over indecent programming themes, suggestive depiction of female form, inappropriate depiction of officers in uniform and portrayals affecting religious sensibilities.

Some private channels felt that despite the fact that Cable Television Networks Act, 1995 is not directly applicable on them, all channels have taken steps to adhere with the advertising and programming codes.

According to sources, this time around the objection has been darted specifically on the `partyline’ ads and indirect promotion of alcoholic beverages which includes several top alcohol brands.

On earlier instances, the government has objected to the Kwality Walls series of the `Big F’, Tuffs shoes and several other ads as well.

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