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International HLL launches Clinic Plus variant

HLL launches Clinic Plus variant

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 10:15 AM

HLL launches Clinic Plus variant

Hindustan Lever Ltd. (HLL) has launched Clinic Plus Protein Shampoo with a new formulation that contains a Protein Health Complex. The Protein Health Complex penetrates the hair to put back protein lost due to harsh soaps and pollution and thereby reduces hair breakage and fall.

Clinic Plus Protein Shampoo comes in a new package design and logo and seeks to reaffirm the 'core family values' the brand stands for.

The new Clinic Plus Protein Shampoo comes in the following ranges: A flip-flop bottle available in 300ml, 160ml and 80ml weights, a Clinic Plus bubble pack which includes six hair washes, the Clinic Plus rupee two sachet and the Clinic Plus rupee one sachet.

The company has plans to launch a massive advertisement campaign. Associated with this is an effort to educate school children about the benefits of using shampoo. There would be a concerted effort by the company to target the rural market also.

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