International Hallmark to screen McLeod’s Daughters series in March

Hallmark to screen McLeod’s Daughters series in March

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Hallmark to screen McLeod’s Daughters series in March

Hallmark’s is launching the hugely successful series in Australia ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ in India. The Series launched in August 2001 saw a revival of the 7.30pm midweek drama timeslot for Australia’s Nine Network

McLeod’s Daughters is a 22-part prime-time series that centres on the lives of two sisters who separated as children and are reunited when they inherit a vast cattle property in the Australian bush. It explores strong characters whose romantic, larger-than-life stories are filled with heart-stopping action, laughter and deep emotion.

According to Hallmark executives the series is suited for family viewing with younger audiences and women being the special focus.

The complete series was shot at Drovers Run, a large cattle property 180km from the nearest town and 400km from the city.

Strong editorial support in Australia generated a lot of positive features for the series and there have been substantial pre-sales to America’s Hallmark network.

McLeod’s Daughters began as a successful and high-rating 1996 telemovie on the Nine Network and Millennium Television produced the series, which set up in 2000 to produce the series.

Producer/creator Posie Graeme-Evans developed the original concept for McLeod’s Daughters. Posie says a photograph depicting “blue skies and quintessentially Aussie girls’ faces with big wide grins under the broad brim of a classic RM Williams hat” inspired her.

The core cast consists of five female leads, with women carrying the heart of each story throughout the series. Posie believes McLeod’s Daughters reflects much of the truth of what’s happening in Australia.

The series has earned its fair shares of awards as well. Producer Posie Graeme-Evans won the peer nominated and was voted Independent Producer of the Year Award for 2001 from the Screen Producers Association of Australia. It was awarded for her ongoing contribution to independent television production, with particular reference to McLeod’s Daughters.

Director of Photography Roger Dowling ACS too won the South Australia and Western Australia gold cinematography award (telefeature, TV drama, telemovie section) for episode 5 - Taking the Reins.

McLeod's Daughters was also Hollywood Reporter's Number 1 show on the "A List" in its MIPCOM edition - a look at seven programs likely to generate strong interest at the market.

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