International Global premiere of 'Pearl Harbor' on May 27

Global premiere of 'Pearl Harbor' on May 27

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Global premiere of 'Pearl Harbor' on May 27

The National Geographic Channel will on May 27 do a global premiere of ‘Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack’, a two-hour documentary film based on the surprise attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor at Hawaii, US, during the World War II. Pearl Harbor is being termed as a special, which is part of the channel’s first global television event, according to Mr. Aseem Kapoor, associate vice-president, marketing, National Geographic Channel.

The film is a revelation as, opposed to the general perception, it shows that the first shot at Pearl Harbor was fired by a US destroyer. For the film, Dr Ballard, famous for his discovery of the Titanic ship, led a two-week National Geographic expedition to search for the remains of the secret Japanese submarine. Along with Dr Ballard, historian Stephen Ambrose gives his perspective to the entire event.

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