International FTV reschedule encryption plan to 1 December

FTV reschedule encryption plan to 1 December

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:35 AM

FTV reschedule encryption plan to 1 December

FTV's plans to switch to an encrypted feed appear to have gone awry and it has now set 1 December as the new date for this to happen. As per the original plan, 1 November was to see the channel becoming an encrypted feed.

According to Rajan Kaaicker, CEO Distribution Group, Modi Entertainment Network, the channel's current distributor in India, said 1 December was the new date fixed for the channel's' encryption but gave no reasons for the delay.

The rollout of set top boxes was continuing Rajan Kaaicker said. According to him the company expects the rollout to be more or less complete before the end of November.

FTV is expected FTV to be back on air in Kolkata within a week. Earlier RPG Netcom, the leading signal provider in Calcutta, reportedly dropped FTV in response to the imminent switch to a pay channel, saying it did not see any demand from viewers.

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