International FTV goes pay, total blackout in Kolkata

FTV goes pay, total blackout in Kolkata

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FTV goes pay, total blackout in Kolkata

Fashion Television, which became a pay channel from November 1, has been knocked off TV screens in Kolkata as RPG Netcom, the leading signal provider, decided to drop FTV after the Forum of Cable Operators said it does not see any demand from viewers.

According to RPG Netcom, it had informed cable operators about the imminent switch to pay channel, and the feedback was very negative. It has decided to air STAR Gold in place of FTV.

Siti Cable, continues to show FTV. But the unfortunate thing is that Siti Cable has only 20 per cent of the market in Kolkata.

FTV’s distributor Modi Entertainment Network (MEN), is very upset with RPG Netcom for having been bumped off the screens before November 1. MEN claimed that the cable operators and viewers have been calling up its office to demand FTV.

MEN had asked operators to get a decoder by depositing Rs 3,600 and secure a minimum of 300 points. MEN blames RPG Netcom for misleading the operators.

FTV went on air in 1997 and has 550 million viewers in five continents. It is the first and only 24-hour satellite channel dedicated to fashion.

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