International For Aaj Tak viewers, it is a long wait

For Aaj Tak viewers, it is a long wait

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 10:17 AM

For Aaj Tak viewers, it is a long wait

TV Today has alleged that cable companies Siti Cable and earlier Rajan Raheja-promoted Hathaway have not been carrying Aaj Tak fearing competition (for Zee and Star channels). Both Siti Cable and Hathaway have denied any such moves.

Mr. G Krishnan, executive director, TV Today, a subsidiary of the Aroon Purie-promoted Living Media, said Siti Cable had asked for Rs 4 crore to relay the channel on its networks. In cable and satellite parlance, this is known as carriage fees, which is a sum cable operators or big cable companies demand from new entrants in the cable and satellite TV channel space.

Both Siti Cable and Hathaway, through their franchisees in various cities control a sizeable number of the total 60 million cable TV viewing Indian homes. In Delhi, the Aaj Tak channel is visible only in those areas where independent cable operators have networks. Meanwhile, TV Today’s claims that Hathaway has started relaying Aaj Tak too has been countered.

As the mystery remains unsolved, for most would-be viewers of Aaj Tak, it is intezaar kare kal tak.

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