International exchange4media special report / follow-up story
Dr. Morepen goes for multiple agencies to sustain brand launches

exchange4media special report / follow-up story
Dr. Morepen goes for multiple agencies to sustain brand launches

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exchange4media special report / follow-up story<br>Dr. Morepen goes for multiple agencies to sustain brand launches

As reported by exchange4media on Wednesday, Dr. Morepen, the upcoming OTC and FMHG brand from Morepen Laboratories, is realigning its advertising and branding efforts across multiple agencies.

Initially only Bates, Delhi used to look after Dr. Morepen brand but as reported earlier, HTA has also been roped in for new products that are being launched and discussions are also on with O&M for Dr. Morepen’s other brands as well. This entails that Dr. Morepen will end up having three agencies on its roster namely Bates, HTA and O&M.

exchange4media spoke to Ms. Bhavna Sood, Head-Corporate Communications, Morepen Laboratories and she confirmed this development. “Bates would continue doing work for Dr. Morepen corporate brand as well as its C-sip and 2 Kool brand” Ms Sood added.

Initially this year Dr. Morepen had launched six products namely antacid (Dab Fizz), laxative (Sat Isabgol), Digestive (Gol Goli), throat lozenge (2 Kool), energy supplement(C Sip) and Low calorie sugar (Sugar Ex). In the long-term Dr. Morepen plans to have a presence in lifestyle or what it calls Fast Moving Health Goods (FMHG).

Ms. Sood added that Dr. Morepen is launching new products at a very fast rate, where the turnaround time for each launch is small and hence it necessitates a multiple agency approach where the agency needs to do creative thinking for each brand launch afresh. “Dr. Morepen was conceived and launched as an umbrella brand with inputs from the leading branding outfit ALIA group of London who also have done work for HLL, Ponds and Close-up,” she added.

Dr. Morepen’s media spend in last seven months is estimated to be close to Rs. 4 crores and various brands being launched is likely to go up substantially. Bates has been working with Dr. Morepen since last year. According to Ms. Sood “HTA has been awarded Gol Goli (digestive) to start with and would be considered for more brands as new brands are launched”

Mr. Mukul Kansal, Vice President and Client Services Director HTA, when contacted by exchange4media commented that “We along with O&M had pitched for Gol Goli and have been verbally informed that we would handle Gol Goli and we are excited about working on Dr. Morepen account.”

Mr. Shovan Choudury, Executive Vice President and GM, Bates, Delhi commented “Dr. Morepen believes that as it rolls out more products at a frantic pace, it needs multiple agencies to work on simultaneous or back to back brand launches and we respect this. We will continue to work on Dr. Morepen corporate brand, C-Sip and 2 Kool though we would have been happy to handle the entire brand portfolio”. He also feels that the Dr. Morepen’s mother brand attributes would be present in every brand developed by other agencies as it has established itself well in the marketplace and amongst consumers.”

“ We are happy with the work Bates has done for us over the last one year and what we are doing is part of our strategy to have different brand custodians who can bring in different, fresh ideas to each brand” commented Ms. Sood.

She also confirmed that O&M had also pitched for some of the brands, including Gol Goli. O&M has been asked to re-present on basis of the feedback from the Dr. Morepen Brand team and there is a possibility that O&M might get some of the brands from the portfolio. She however did not confirm whether Dab Fizz (antacid) and Isabgol were being awarded to O&M.

With this development, one thing is sure Dr. Morepen will see the best of talent and best work dedicated to its brand portfolio as each one of agency would want to garner the new brand launch business as the Dr. Morepen brand moves on.

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