International English Channels: Capturing the audience imagination:
e4m analysis

English Channels: Capturing the audience imagination:
e4m analysis

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English Channels: Capturing the audience imagination:<br>e4m analysis

Sean Connery, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis…………..
Die Hard, Godfather, Golden Eye, Survivor, Temptation Island, ……….
The English language viewers in India have never had it so good with the channel wars getting hotter trying to capture audience imagination….oops numbers…. with the best from the west.
In an exclusive analysis we look at how the English Movie channel market is placed today as the three dominant players: Star Movies, HBO and AXN try to woo the audience and advertisers.
Though AXN programming is mixed as compared with Star or HBO, which are pure movie channels, the market addressed by all these channels is predominantly the same hence the choice of the 3 channels.
For the most part of the 90's, there was only one English movie channel that Indian viewers could tune into: Star Movies. In the last couple of years Star has seen competition coming in from HBO, AXN and a host of other English channels which are trying to woo the same set of audience. Star Movies though still controls around 70% of the advertising done on the English channels with HBO accounting for 25%. The rest is divided amongst the other channels.(Source: Asia Media Week)

In terms of penetration, Star claims to have a penetration equal to the Hindi channels, which means close to 16 million homes. HBO has a penetration of around 10 million homes and Zee MGM claims a penetration of around 13 million homes.

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