International DuPont to unveils $40-m global brand strategy in India

DuPont to unveils $40-m global brand strategy in India

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DuPont to unveils $40-m global brand strategy in India

The Rs 650-crore DuPont India, which promotes lycra in India, is getting ready to roll out a print campaign highlighting the revival of good old jeans. The international campaign in India will be a part of the global advertising currently on, which supports the growing trend and awareness of jeans with Lycra.

The objective of the campaign is to boost the image of Lycra on domestic shores and create a preference towards it; and to support the trade.

The international `Jeans with Lycra' campaign is part of a $40-million global brand advertising strategy that Lycra is investing in this year. The first campaign of its kind for Lycra -- `What do you look for in a great pair of jeans?' -- comprises a $10-million print and television media buy.

The campaign features a series of confident young women and men, portraying jeans as a fashion icon, shot in the backdrop of a relaxed and trendy ambience. American photographer Ruedi Hoffman has executed the print campaign. DuPont India does not intend to adapt or Indianise the campaign for the Asian market.

DuPont India is busy firming up media plans in India to roll out the print campaign. Once the plans are finalised, the company intends to share its strategy with Indian jeans manufacturers. Lycra falls among the top five divisions of DuPont India's 18 business divisions.

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