International Doordarshan to use TRP to rate the programmes

Doordarshan to use TRP to rate the programmes

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Doordarshan to use TRP to rate the programmes

For the first time Doordarshan will use TRP to rate its programmes. According to the latest card circulated by Prasar Bharati to advertising agencies, the programmes rating low on the TAM would immediately be removed or shifted from prime time.

A programme will be allotted only for 26 episodes, and only those which have a good TRP in that slot, will be given an extension.

According to Doordarshan, this was in line with the procedure followed by the various private television channels which pull out programmes that do not achieve the desired TRPs.

Industry analysts said that in the recent past, Star Plus has withdrawn Neena Gupta's serial, Siski, since the ratings did not pick up.

Doordarshan has decided to have a basic benchmark for TRP ratings, which will be utilised for monitoring the TRPs and continuance of slotted programmes.

For prime time telecast on DD-I, the ratings have to be six TRPs and above; for mid-prime time, it will be between three and six TRPs, and programmes attracting ratings of below three points will be slotted for morning telecast till 11 am and after 11 p.m.

According to the new rate card for a half-an-hour slot on DD-1, a producer has to pay a sponsorship fee of Rs 3.5 lakhs for free commercial time of 120 seconds. The producer, in turn, can sell spots to advertisers at a rate of Rs 60,000 for 10 seconds.

On DD-Metro prime time, the sponsorship fee for a half-hour programme is Rs 2 lakhs, with 120 seconds free commercial time. Ad rates have been fixed at Rs 40,000 per 10 seconds. However, the rates fall drastically for the DD News channel, with sponsorship fee as low as Rs 5,000 for a half-an-hour slot.

According to Media analysts, the rates by Doordarshan cannot be compared to private channels such as Zee and Star, which charge higher ad rates for some of their highly rated shows. Star Plus' average rates on prime time averages as high as Rs 8 lakhs per 30 seconds.

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