International Discovery Channel to telecast ‘Inside the Space Station’

Discovery Channel to telecast ‘Inside the Space Station’

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Discovery Channel to telecast ‘Inside the Space Station’

Discovery channel’s 'Watch With the World' event will telecast actual shots of the International Space Station orbiting miles above the earth during an hour-long programme to be telecast simultaneously across 150 countries.

The programme, called 'Inside the Space Station', will be supplemented with computer generated images depicting how the station was built and what impact it could have on our lives. The real-life one hour viewing experience of living and working in a space station could help transform Star Trek like sci-fi into something that could very well come true in a few years from now. The viewers will experience what life in space could be like for all of us in the near future.

'Inside the Space Station' will include the first high-definition television photographic montage of the earth and an in-depth look at the development of the International Space Station, detailing the collaborative efforts of several nations who have joined hands to make human existence in space a reality.

The show will also illustrate how the station will become the third brightest object in space, the brightest from Earth to the naked eye.

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