International Discovery Channel to air Alien Invasion in July

Discovery Channel to air Alien Invasion in July

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Discovery Channel to air Alien Invasion in July

This July, the Discovery Channel takes an intriguing look at the world of alien encounters, out-of-body experiences and extraterrestrial communication with ‘ALIEN INVASION.’ The programme will be aired from Monday, July 23 through Wednesday, July 25 from 22:00 to 23:00.

Aliens make their presence known on the Discovery Channel with the two-part program ALIENS HAVE LANDED. People from all walks of life and cultures claim to have experienced alien encounters of one kind or another. Despite the abductees' different social backgrounds, their stories are always very much the same.

Discovery Channel goes in search of answers. Featuring re-enactments, archival footage and interviews with scientists and reported abductees, ALIENS HAVE LANDED provides a thorough analysis of this controversial subject. ALIEN INVASION concludes with a thought-provoking interpretation of alien languages in the premiere program DOLPINS: TALKING WITH ALIENS.

Discovery Channel, which airs programming 24 hours a day, serves households across India with the finest in real-world entertainment. The network offers a 24-hour parallel Hindi audio feed in addition to an English audio feed. Available via PanAmSat IV, the network is operated and managed by Discovery Communications, Inc.

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