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International DD gets ready for the Agra Summit with special programming

DD gets ready for the Agra Summit with special programming

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 9:13 AM

DD gets ready for the Agra Summit with special programming

The national broadcaster, Doordarshan is banking on woman power and special programming to beat competition in covering President Pervez Musharraf’s visit. It has announced its plans to air ‘Taj Mahal’, the movie and ‘Sporting ties with Pak’. DD will have an all-woman team dedicated to cover the engagements of the First Lady of Pakistan all through the visit.

The idea is to look at the lighter side of the Indo-Pak summit. DD plans to capture the soft angle while covering her engagements. DD will also exploit that bit of old link that she enjoys with India.

DD plans to telecast the Pradeep Kumar – Bina Roy starrer movie Taj Mahal on DD-1 on Saturday. The film, Taj Mahal, is expected to give a perspective on the monument of love, which will be the background setting to the Agra summit.

The lighter side of the summit will also be captured through special programmes on sporting links. Called ‘Sporting Ties with Pak’, the programme has been tentatively scheduled for July 14. It will focus on both cricket and hockey.

The event is estimated to cost DD Rs 20 lakhs. DD has even gone ahead and hired a lawn, along with a few rooms in a hotel facing the Taj, thereby adding to its cost. The lawn and the rooms will be used for studio and uplinking purposes.

To be splashed over DD-1, DD News, DD World and perhaps DD Kashir, the news and analysis on the visit will be dished out by experts such as Mr. Dilip Padgaonkar, Mr. Sayed Naqvi, Mr. Vir Sanghvi, Mr. Muchkand Dubey, Mr. MJ Akbar, Mr. JN Dikshit and Mr. Kuldip Nayar.

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