International Coca-Cola to launch ‘Portello’

Coca-Cola to launch ‘Portello’

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Coca-Cola to launch ‘Portello’

Coca-Cola India plans to launch 'Peortello', a black currant flavoured drink and relaunch 'Rimzim', by Christmas. Both Peortello and Rimzim will have local flavours, with the former being targeted especially at the southern markets and the latter in the western markets.

Priced at Rs 10 per 300 ml bottle ‘Peortello,’ will be available in returnable glass bottles. Whereas 'Rimzim' will be launched in Maharashtra and Gujarat, will be available in 250 ml bottles and will be priced at Rs 7 per bottle.

With Coke and Pepsi registering losses in India, both companies are trying very hard to penetrate the untapped large rural markets.

Coca-Cola's strategy to relaunch Rimzim is aimed essentially to address the rural market. But the company has decided to stick to the western market initially to gauge the consumer perception before taking the product national.

Rimzim was an extremely popular brand in Maharashtra before Coca-Cola withdrew it in the early 1990s following the acquisition of Parle’s brands.

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