International Chappar Phad Ke – Sony’s answer to KBC

Chappar Phad Ke – Sony’s answer to KBC

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Chappar Phad Ke – Sony’s answer to KBC That’s what Sony Entertainment Television’s answer to the game show roll is called. This one won’t have money, but expensive and limitless prizes, Chappar Phad Ke, (loosely translated as when the heavens open up.) The show will be hosted by ‘Chotte Miyan’ Govinda. To be pitted against both Star Plus’ KBC and Zee’s `Sawal Dus Crore Ka’ in prime time, the game and entertainment show — as SET prefers to call Chappar Phad Ke — goes on air from January. And, with audiences tiring a bit of the money games, Govinda will be anchor and host. While Govinda’s name as host of a SET game show has been doing the rounds for a while, an impression gained ground that Sony had backed off the game show genre after the disastrous performance of Zee’s Sawal. The show is being produced by In House Productions and will be shot at Film City. Promotions for participating in the show will begin next week which will include both write-ins or phone-ins. Unlike KBC and Sawal, the game show will not put contestants through quiz sessions alone. There will be various types of contests, including acting out a `Dumb Charade’ or even putting together props to create a figure. As the contestant goes through each level of a successful performance, he wins a `Shagun’ of Rs 101, or Rs 1,001, Rs 1,00,001 and so on.
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