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A- goes pay, the leading technology platform for buying and selling of media time and space has gone pay on the buy side couple of weeks back. BuyMedia will however continue to focus efforts on the exchange of electronic information with its station sales and traffic software systems, (Marketron, TvSCAN, CABLESCAN and REP-PAK), and the industry leading buying software systems to bring increased benefits to the buying and selling of media. will continue to process and provide electronic invoices for radio. Invoices will continue to be transmitted to your buying software provider or emailed to the contact we currently have in your agency profile.

BuyMedia, Inc. and its subsidiaries (TvScan, Marketron, REP-PAK and Professional Services Organization) are the leading providers of mission critical software to the broadcast industry. More than 2,000 radio stations, TV stations and cable systems throughout the United States and Canada license the Company's products and services. Based in Burlingame, California, BuyMedia, Inc. has over 210 employees operating in ten offices throughout the U.S. and Canada and is privately held.

Recent technology advances in XML and collaborative works from software vendors including BuyMedia and media industry groups such as TVB and AAAA have convinced the management to rethink the solutions they provide to the media industry.

The management has been in discussions with a number of companies interested in licensing their advanced internet-based ad-commerce platform, The management no longer feels it is financially prudent to provide a free buy-side ad-commerce exchange. More specifically, they hope to license their technology to those companies that want to provide a more efficient means for their customers to purchase advertising.

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