International Business publications lose readership. The only exception is ET.
exchange4media analysis of IRS 01-R1 readership data

Business publications lose readership. The only exception is ET.
exchange4media analysis of IRS 01-R1 readership data

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Business publications lose readership. The only exception is ET.<br>exchange4media analysis of IRS 01-R1 readership data

According to the latest IRS data (01-Round 1) analyzed by exchange4media, Business Dailies and Magazines have lost readership. In gross terms, the drop is as high as about 10%.

All magazines have suffered a loss of readers, without exception.

Among dailies, however, top two business dailies have been spared.

Business Dailies

Business Standard has not been so lucky. It has lost over 40% of its readers in Delhi and 35% in Kolkata compared to the previous report (IRS R2-00). What hurts, perhaps more, is the fact that more than half (55%) of their SEC-A readers have deserted them. SEC B & C segments have however made-up a bit, but that is not what the paper might find very flattering to hear. There is more bad news. One third of BS readers in the prime 25-44 years age segment are no longer reading BS.

ET bucked the trend by increasing its urban readers by 7%. Geographically, much of the gains made by ET are concentrated in top 4 metros, with Chennai seeing a whooping increase by 40%. ET has, however, lost readership in the southern states of AP, Karnataka and Kerala. Banglore saw a big decline of 19% readers.

Its readership in SEC B grew by 12%. ET can now boast of a readership of over a million. With Financial Express, static at about 1.5 lakh readers, as the distant #2, ET is in the splendid solitude of an unchallenged leader.

Business Magazines

Business magazines are a truly tragic lot.

All of them have lost readers. And the losses are the biggest in the commercial capital, Mumbai. The city with the largest concentration of Business readership has shown a drop of over a third for BT and BW. BI has however, marginally gained in Mumbai, its home-turf.

Business Today, which was breathing close to Business India (current readership 7,88,000), till last year with just 23000 readers separating them, now has a gap of over a lakh to bridge. Business World, threatening to gatecrash into the top league with a 5-buck cover price and a weekly frequency, is a long way off from that feat. It does not reach even half as many readers as Business India.

Intelligent Investor claims to be the ‘highest circulated Business magazine’. They have an ABC certificate to back their claim. IRS does not seem to agree. At 288,000 readers, Intelligent investor does not even have as much as 40% readership as the leader, Business India. This is not the first time that such a mismatch has been discovered. Outlook, its elder sibling, has had a good experience of fielding such questions.

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