International Big players keep away from bidding, DD receives 3 bids

Big players keep away from bidding, DD receives 3 bids

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Big players keep away from bidding, DD receives 3 bids

Prasar Bharati received only three bids for the prime time slots on DD Metro. After the pre-qualification bids were opened at Mandi House yesterday, it became clear that those in the fray included Sir Adhikari Brothers (SAB), Pritish Nandy Communications and a little known company Prachar Communication. The big names kept away again from bidding.

The bids will be opened today, but it is highly unlikely that these will outstrip Rs 121 crore, the amount which Nine Broadcasting paid last year for the 7 and 10 p.m. slots on DD Metro for a one-year contract which comes to an end later this year. This year, the contract will be signed for a period of three years.

However, controversy seems to be building around PNC’s bid. According to DD sources, PNC has some outstanding against it - grounds good enough for the mandarins of Mandi House to raise questions on the validity of PNC’s bid.

Prasar Bharati board is yet to take an independent view on the lone bid of Rs 50 lakh received during the first round from Moving Pictures for the 11 pm-12.30 am slot. Terms and conditions for bid state there shall be a 10 per cent annual increase in the bid amount quoted.

Dividing the time band into one-hour slots, it had laid the floor price of Rs 22.5 crore, Rs 32.5 crore, Rs 42.5 crore and Rs 17.5 crore for the four hourly slots between 7 p.m. and 11pm.

One of the concerns of the big media companies was that original programming had to be supplied to DD, coupled with other stringent programming restrictions.

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