International BBC postpones ‘Commando’

BBC postpones ‘Commando’

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BBC postpones ‘Commando’

As reported by exchange4media on 31st December, BBC World new reality show, which was supposed to be screened on Jan 1, has been put on hold for the time being. According to BBC sources the decision was taken in the light of the current war like situation between India and Pakistan and no new date has been fixed for screening.

Commando!, a 13 part series which was supposed to commence on 1st January, follows the fate of the commissioned officers undergoing physical and mental exercises such as speed marches, Battle Physical Efficiency Tests, rock climbing & rappelling, unarmed combat & battle obstacle courses to develop them into commandos. The series follows these young officers undertaking navigation exercises, combat survival and confidence- building tests.

The Commando course at Belgaum prepares them for demolitions, field engineering and firing techniques including live handling of explosives.

Providing an insider''s view of the various procedures that are undertaken at the training camp over 39 long days and nights, the programme takes a closer look at the confident movements of two pairs of young army officers, who are among the 60 Infantry Officers and attachments who undertake the rigorous Commando course every year.

The series depicts the training of Infantry Officers who are considered the foot soldiers of the Indian Army. Their mission is to fight the enemy at close quarters, capturing enemy territory and establishing communication lines through reconnaissance missions.

A part of ''The Junior Leaders'' Wing'', this course at the Commando Training School, Belgaum started on September 11, 2001 and concluded on October 20, 2001. The course has been equated with the Rangers Course in USA, which is the toughest in the world. Everyone who is an instructor in the course has undergone the course himself and received a QFI grade, i.e. qualified to be instructor.

The show was part of the series of BBC World's dedicated strip of locally-produced programmes made for broadcast in South Asia which include Mastermind India, Face to Face, IT: India Tomorrow, Question Time India and India Business Report.

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