International B4U Music to go pay in UK

B4U Music to go pay in UK

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B4U Music to go pay in UK

B4U Music will go pay in the UK within two months. It will be offered as a package with Sony Entertainment Television and B4U Movies. The music will priced at ce 7.99 a subscriber per month. The combined pricing of Sony and the two B4U channels will be decided later.

Sony and B4U Moview have also entered into a joint pricing agreement in Europe. B4U has just signed up with Casema to be on the cable network and will start operations in November. B4U will launch operations in Australia and New Zealand by December-end. It has signed up DTV to be in these market on both direct-to-home (DTH) service and cable systems.

In the UK, B4U will soon be on the NTL cable network. It is already on Televest and the Microsoft-owned Cable & Wirelessnetworks. The combined cost of Sony and B4U Movies is ce 14.99 a subscriber per month. While on DTH the pricing is ce 17.99.

B4U Movies and Sony as stand alone channel cost ce 12.99 per subscriber per month. B4U has a two-year agreement till August, 2002, for a combined package DTH service in the UK.

B4U is in negotiations with distribution companies to lunch its channel in Latin America and South East Asia. In the Middle East, B4U is being made available in three bouquets. Star, Zee TV and B4U share a common platform in the Pehla bouquet while only B4U is available in Alawael netowrk,

B4U has no plans to tie up with Sony in the US.

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