International B4U and Soundbuzz announces strategic alliance

B4U and Soundbuzz announces strategic alliance

Author | NULL | Friday, Jun 22,2001 7:51 AM

B4U and Soundbuzz announces strategic alliance

Soundbuzz and B4U announced a strategic alliance for music compilations and promotions. The alliance will see them working together in three areas: CD compilations and enhanced CDs; event and contest; and a television programme.

Soundbuzz and B4U and select labels will be working towards a CD compilation with a unique feature—hidden, encrypted songs in addition to the regular songs. The compilation will be promoted on B4U.

B4U and Soundbuzz will organise events and contests involving various international and local acts. B4U will partner with Soundbuzz as a television, promotional and advertising partner for these events and contest.

Apart from this alliance, Soundbuzz has also signed up digital distribution partnership with Tips Industries, BMG Crescendo, Lahari Media, Times Music, EMI and Archies.

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