International AXN stops airing Survivor

AXN stops airing Survivor

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AXN stops airing Survivor

After Fashion TV, it is AXN channel’s turn to face the government diktats. On an objection raised by animal rights activist and a Union minister, Maneka Gandhi, popular reality show Survivor had to pull out an episode off air last week.

The social justice and empowerment minister, had objected to scenes of animal slaughter by its participants in new series of the show Survivor: The Australian Outback. Subsequent to this complaint, AXN pulled out an episode on last Thursday (repeated on Sunday) and soft drinks major too had to pull out an ad featuring a parrot.

The scenes, which are supposed to have raised Gandhi’s hackles, include one where the participants kill a pig in the wild for food.

However, a Delhi-based TV critic said Gandhi’s objections might not hold much weight if they related to killing of pigs and animals in the wild for food by participants of Survivors who were actually surviving on whatever was available in the jungles where the show was set.

Survivor has a select team of castaways marooned on an island where they are deprived of basic comforts and exposed to harsh natural elements. They have to use their collective wits to survive even as they compete against each other. Week by week the tribe of survivors shrinks until at the end of the final episode only two survivors remain. At that point, the seven most recently eliminated participants decide who will be the final survivor. The winner takes home $1 million.

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