International AXN plans gali cricket series

AXN plans gali cricket series

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AXN plans gali cricket series

After the much hyped `Survivor', the AXN channel is finally getting into something that draws big money-Cricket. The channel, which has so far been keen on showing only adventure, is venturing into sports in the real sense. Although a formal deal hasn't been signed yet with TWI, the channel is set to launch a cricket magazine show next month. The scheduled date of launch is February 23. The programme will have 26 episodes, but so far only one of them has been completed.

The investment made in producing the programme has not been disclosed. It's going to be a weekly programme and the focus will be on soft stories, features, classic matches, and ratings of cricketers. The uniqueness of the programme will be that it will be made out of the stock footage already available with TWI.

Also, the new programme will not be studio-based. Another distinguishing feature about the show is that there's no anchor, rather it will be held together by a narration or a voice-over. The target group for the about to be launched cricket programme will be the youth of the country.

Apart from this programme, AXN has some more plans to venture into sports which is relevant to the local population in India. In line with that, later in the year AXN will launch its gali cricket series. To be shot in Mumbai, the programme will revolve around youngsters playing cricket in the narrow streets of Mumbai.

In some sense, gali cricket will fall in the reality programming genre. Again, TWI, which is a London-headquartered sport programming house, will produce gali cricket for the channel.

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