International Asiaweek’s thrust on redefining business

Asiaweek’s thrust on redefining business

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Asiaweek’s thrust on redefining business

Redefining business: That will be the cover title of the first new-look Asiaweek magazine dated May 11. As reported earlier, this weekly from the Time stable will be available in its new avataar from May 4. And as the cover title of the first issue suggests, the magazine’s thrust will actually be to redefine business.

So, what will be different in the magazine from now on? Asiaweek’s answer is: ‘‘We’ll be doing all the great journalism that we do now with in-depth coverage. But with this issue on, we’re livening up the magazine and trying to break into a more varied, faster pace.’’

The magazine would add many new features and columns, including a travel page, a consumer trends page, a technology column, and a new personal finance section. The ‘Front’ section will include a ‘‘crib sheet’’ for the week’s important events and people, several pages of entertaining business and technology briefs, and a page of issues of the week.

Another key section of the magazine would be ‘Dateline’, which will incorporate the week’s hottest news stories where politics and business intersect.

Then there’s ‘Enterprise’, which encompasses business and technology stories, profiles and companies. ‘Life’ will be the back-of-book section, and include features on arts, design, management, films, music, the environment and whatever else people are buzzing about. Finally, ‘Your Space’ will be a personal section including a page for business travellers, money and investing features and stock tips, cool gadgets, and fashion. The objective of the new-look Asiaweek is that ‘‘Business doesn’t need to be boring.’’

Asiaweek has hired Sydney-based Visual Communications and design consultancy De Luxe and Associates to design the new logo, look and pacing of the magazine. De Luxe and Associates will also create a new corporate identity for the publication.

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