International All movie slots on DD may go to NFDC

All movie slots on DD may go to NFDC

Author | NULL | Wednesday, Apr 25,2001 12:00 AM

All movie slots on DD may go to NFDC

Prasar Bharati has more or less firmed up its view on honouring the bidding process held in February for procuring Hindi films for various slots on Doordarshan channels, DD-I and DD-II, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Prasar Bharati CEO, Mr Anil Baijal, made it known that the highest bidder—National Film Development Corporation (NFDC)—deserves to get all the vacant movie slots on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, the decision is yet to be formalised.

The deal between the B4U channel and Prasar Bharati was discussed at the meeting. It appears now that the third and the fifth Friday movie slots, that B4U occupies on DD-I, may go to NFDC as well.

Although Prasar Bharati claims that the dispute in spot buying rate may result in the DD-B4U agreement coming to an end, there are talks about DD distancing itself from B4U following the underworld controversy.

The new thinking that emerged in the meeting was that there should be a uniformity in the terms set for various companies dealing with DD. In order to remove all anomalies and to bring about a uniform pattern in its contracts with various companies, Prasar Bharati is likely to phase out its revenue-sharing arrangement with NFDC.

As per the new arrangement, Prasar Bharati is likely to have a stricter control on NFDC. NFDC may be asked to either pay the full bid money (Rs 81 lakh) as advance or via 100 per cent bank guarantee. There won’t be any revenue-sharing arrangement any longer.

As for the official line at Prasar Bharati, the bids are still being processed. However, sources said that the bids had been ratified and a formal decision was expected within a week.

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