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International Ad agencies not to use holocaust as commercial opportunity

Ad agencies not to use holocaust as commercial opportunity

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:09 AM

Ad agencies not to use holocaust as commercial opportunity

Media planners and buyers in agencies like HTA, O&M, FCB Ulka, McKann Erickson have decided not to buy new spots on the critical news channels like Star News, Zee News, Aaj Tak as this would be tantamount to using the blanket coverage of the holocaust in the US as a commercial opportunity.

They feel it is not in the right sentiment to look for commercial gains even though it would have given their clients and their brands tremendous mileage and value for money, given the substantial viewership of the these channels.

Industry sources say that ad agencies are apprehensive that association of brands with such a terrible tragedy could only hamper their image. Besides, with audience so deeply engrossed in the ongoing events in US, they would mentally switch off, once the ads come on air in between the coverage, creating nuisance value and hardly any brand recall.

O&M has taken a stringent decision not to place any fresh ads on news channels. The existing campaigns of Compaq, Tropicana and Amul will be on air only for another two days.

As reported in the international media, US networks have curtailed almost all ad breaks to provide uninterrupted coverage of the New York crashes. The MTV music channel has dropped regular programming to carry a news feed provided by its sister channel, CBS.

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