International ACNielsen, ORG-Marg to launch new decision support system

ACNielsen, ORG-Marg to launch new decision support system

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ACNielsen, ORG-Marg to launch new decision support system

ACNielsen and ORG-Marg will be launching new decision support system initiative, the ACNielsen Advisor, today. This system is being introduced as the primary analysis and reporting solution for ORG-Marg''''s Retail Store Audit.

The audit covers over 100 product categories from 30,000 retail outlets across 367 cities and 983 villages. ACNielsen Advisor will be helping in combining this local knowledge with a globally developed and demonstrated practice.

ACNielsen Advisor has three offerings -- ACNielsen Advisor Personal, ACNielsen Advisor Online and ACNielsen Advisor Interactive.

ACNielsen Advisor Personal, offers a collection of personalised, pre-run and formatted reports that do not require database access.

ACNielsen Advisor Online, enable users to have additional access to an intelligent business issue library with optimised data selections.

ACNielsen Advisor Interactive will have users who will be trained to perform complex analysis from the updated database and generate customised reports.

The benefit through the ACNielsen Advisor is that all reports are personalised to reduce time and effort. The information delivery is faster and reports, being targeted, help to address specific issues.

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