International ABC January-June ’01: Amar Ujala’s rejoinder to our analysis

ABC January-June ’01: Amar Ujala’s rejoinder to our analysis

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ABC January-June ’01: Amar Ujala’s rejoinder to our analysis

Amar Ujala has written to us questioning our inferences. The sum and substance of their reasons for the reported drop in the circulation is as follows:

  • We reported a drop of 33% drop in the sales of Amar Ujala’s Bareilly edition. (From 81,252 to 54,239) Amar Ujala says that these copies are not ‘lost’ but ‘transferred’ to Dehradun edition. The reason for doing this is because these copies are sold in the state of Uttaranchal. The copies, however, are still printed at Bareilly though the edition mentioned on the masthead is Dehradun and hence counted as part of Dehradun sales.

Our correspondent says that The ABC certificate for Bareilly edition does not mention this internal adjustment made by the newspaper.

  • We reported a drop of 43% for Dehradun edition (from 1,72,190 to 98,420). Amar Ujala says that Dehradun edition was earlier clubbed with Meerut edition. Now Meerut has been delinked. Hence, the drop.

Our correspondent says that the latest certificates of the(delinked) Meerut edition do not show the numbers of Dehradun edition for the previous period. However, the latest certificates of the (delinked) Dehradun edition show combined circulation of the Meerut and Dehradun editions for the previous period. The foot-notes though mention the caveats. Interestingly, now Bareilly and Moradabad editions of Amar Ujala also print Dehradun edition of Amar Ujala after de-linking it from Meerut. It is part of the foot notes on the certificate for Dehradun edition. It is this, moving of copies for the records sake, even while they are printed at the same place as earlier, that has caused the avoidable confusion.

However, irrespective of edition-wise circulation, with 4.33 lac average circulation (against 4.35 lacs copies as per last ABC) Amar Ujala has maintained its circulation in the Western UP/Uttaranchal region.

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