International Aaj Tak to cut down total ad time

Aaj Tak to cut down total ad time

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:01 AM

Aaj Tak to cut down total ad time

Aaj Tak has decided to put a cap on total advertising time consumed by the channel. Starting this month, only 12 minutes of advertisement will be shown for an hour of programming. Till now, ad spots took away as much as 16-18 minutes from every one hour of news aired.

The media buyers and planners feel that given the fact that general entertainment channels devote 10 minutes/hour to commercials, 12 minutes of spots in a news channel is still high. According to them the sooner a news channel understands this, the better it is for their existence as too many ads on a news channel will drive away both viewers as well as advertisers.

According to industry sources the channel seems to have got the hint. The new rules would also require advertisers to spread out their spots evenly.

Aaj Tak decision of getting its headlines, straplines, sports news and business news individually sponsored has also come under criticism by the industry.

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