International Aaj Tak overtakes Zee News and Star News: TAM

Aaj Tak overtakes Zee News and Star News: TAM

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Aaj Tak overtakes Zee News and Star News: TAM

According to the latest TAM ratings for the week ending May 19, Aaj Tak has garnered the top slot amongst all major news channels. Aaj Tak has overtaken Zee News and Star News, BBC and CNBC under prime time viewership, channel share as well as the time spent per channel.

In terms of the maximum viewership, while Aaj Tak raked in 3,07,000 viewers, Zee and Star News turned in a respective 1,89,000 and 85,000 viewers.

The shares of news channels for full day and prime time viewership channel share reveal an equally startling picture. Aaj Tak cornered 43 per cent in full day viewership and 41 per cent on prime time, whereas the shares of Zee News and Star News were 31 and 33 per cent and 15 and 16 per cent for full day and prime time viewership.

Aaj Tak also grabbed the number one position in the afternoon and evening prime time. On a weekly basis, Aaj Tak averaged 1,30,000 when compared to 98,000 of Zee News and 55,000 of Star News.

The TAM weekly data also suggests that Aaj Tak has made major inroads into the Hindi speaking TV audience homes. TAM figures indicate that a near 50 per cent channel share has been taken by Aaj Tak. Zee News has 31 per cent and Star is a distant third with 12 per cent of market share.

In terms of the viewer stickiness, the viewers have been spending about 44 minutes in a full day watching Aaj Tak. Zee News is watched for 28 minutes and Star News is watched for 18 minutes of actual time spent per viewer on a daily basis.

For the same week the day-time comparative channel share of BBC and CNBC stood at 5 per cent and CNN managed an overall share of one per cent.

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