International ‘Redundant I&B units drain Rs. 1000 crores’, a CMS study

‘Redundant I&B units drain Rs. 1000 crores’, a CMS study

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‘Redundant I&B units drain Rs. 1000 crores’, a CMS study

According to an analysis by Center for Media Studies, Information and Broadcasting Ministry could save Rs. 1000 crores annually by closing down redundant divisions under it. Dr. N Bhaskar Rao, Chairman CMS, suggests winding up of I&B ministry in view of Convergence era.

The study is inline with the recommendations made by the Geethakrishnan Committee that took a harsh view on I&B ministry and its rationale for existence.

CMS study argues that “in the changed media scene in the country, with proliferation of television to nook and corner of the country and changed Center-State relations paradigm today, these units (of I&B ministry) have now become out dated or irrelevant”

CMS study is based on performance analysis of I&B units that include Field Publicity, Song and Drama, DAVP, Film Division and Publications Division. Dr Rao has been analyzing the working of these units and had made recommendations to the ministry, some years ago.

Dr. Rao advocates a “professional board with Press Information Bureau as the nucleus for attending to information dissemination needs of the Central Government.”

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