International ‘Kamzor Kadi’ opens with a Bang

‘Kamzor Kadi’ opens with a Bang

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‘Kamzor Kadi’ opens with a Bang

The much hyped Star Plus show on the lines of ‘The weakest Link’ has opened its TVR account with a bang.

Tam figures for Week 52 show a TVR of 11.68% for the TG 15-44 yrs, Female, Sec A,B&C, Hindi speaking markets, C&S homes. The ratings are good enough to put the show in the top 10 list of all programmes currently running on the idiot box as per the ratings of Week 51. The reach too is good at 26%, which is as high as other popular programmes on the channel like Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki.

The show anchored by Nina Gupta, was supported by massive advertising, with the anchor playing a sarcastic villain as opposed to the suave and polished Amitabh Bacchan in KBC.

Even in the Male / Female TG for the same market the show has garnered a TVR of 10.4% higher than the other popular show on Star Plus, Kasauti Zindagi Kay which stood at 9.5%.

The show clearly has crossed the first hurdle in attracting the audience, which partly can be attributed to the bizarre anchoring and part to the quick Q/A format. But whether it can keep up the show will depend upon the anchor’s ability to attract viewers week after week.

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