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  • All entries under listed categories will be judged on the basis of concept, creativity and tangible results
  • There will be three winners under each category, a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze. However, it is entirely up to the Jury to omit certain awards or suggest an additional mention in any category
  • The judges will score all entries and then vote on which entries will be declared finalists
  • Confidentiality is key to the judging process. Judges will discuss the entries but will score independently
  • Judging is done in rounds, where judges review entries from a single category and then vote on whether the entry should stay and be considered a finalist or be eliminated
  • From the selected shortlist under each category, judges will then decide winners for Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. However, it is not necessary to have all three winners under each category, it is totally at the judges' discretion.
  • An entry needs to receive a majority vote for it to advance to become a finalist
  • For an entry to earn a gold award, all judges must agree on that ranking




July 22nd, 2011, xyz place