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Prabhat Khabar highlights role of CSR in Jharkhand conclave

Prabhat Khabar highlights role of CSR in Jharkhand conclave

Prabhat  Khabar recently organised the Jharkhand CSR Conclave, where experts discussed how corporate social responsibility can help bring about sustainable economic development. The Conclave also highlighted the contributions of the corporate sector in the area of CSR.

Asking companies to give people and profits equal weight for industrial peace, Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda reminded the power gathering of corporate veterans and academics of the snake that sucked the mother’s milk and stuck its tail in her own infant’s mouth in a strong hint that CSR benefits often didn’t reach the target group.

Subjecting CSR to a witty censure, IIM-Ranchi Director, MJ Xavier, narrated the story of a greedy man, who promised he would sell his goat and offer the money to God if his ailing son recovered.

"When the boy got well, the man sold the goat at Rs 50 and gave the full amount to God. But he had set a condition for the buyer. He sold the goat for Rs 50 and the rope for Rs 950. Of course, he kept the far bigger amount for himself,” Xavier said, suggesting that many entrepreneurs try to legitimise their ploy of not sharing profits.

Both Munda and Xavier felt that the status of CSR in Jharkhand was far from satisfactory.

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