IndustryBriefing Microsoft discovers the other side of SRK with Anupama Chopra

Microsoft discovers the other side of SRK with Anupama Chopra

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Dec 14,2016 2:44 PM

Microsoft discovers the other side of SRK with Anupama Chopra

Mumbai is a city of countless dreams and has hypnotised millions world over. From artists to writers, filmmakers to tourists – Mumbai has captured the imagination of every soul-- including that of this young lad with floppy hair in the 90’s-- who had just lost his dear mother –and had set foot on the island city in search of fame and money.

Today, nearly after two decades, he is one the biggest stars of Indian Cinema, a consumer-friendly face for brands, an innovative entrepreneur and an ideal family man. His earnings estimate appears in Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list of the World’s Highest-Earning Entertainers. He can make any woman go weak in her knees by merely extending his arms. You know who we are talking about —Shah Rukh Khan!

Microsoft Surface in their recent initiative #BeneathTheSurface created a compelling web series featuring popular film journalist and critic Anupama Chopra -- attempted to uncover SRK --the unexplained phenomenon. The brand has successfully revealed the other side of a star’s life in the earlier episodes featuring the well-known celebrities - Priyanka Chopra and Karan Johar. Microsoft’s #BeneathTheSurface with Anupama Chopra brilliantly demystifies the artist's process of dealing with life and the challenges that come along. The main objective of the brand is to associate with the biggest starry names of B-Town in order to highlight the other side of a star.


Just like their product Microsoft Surface, the brand through these web series helped the audience create a world along with the celebrities.
In this third episode of the series--Anupama Chopra got hold of SRK in Lisbon and engaged him in a candid conversation. Covering a wide variety of topics ranging from SRK’s relationship with his co-stars, to his tuning with kids-- the dialogue here stunningly reveals how the actor stays in touch with his own spirit and deals with the restlessness that prevails inside.
This innovative series and association by Microsoft with the celebrities helped the fans and followers to understand what’s beneath that glamorous side of a star. Chopra’s conversation with SRK beautifully showcases the humble, grounded and witty side of the Badshah of Bollywood. The web series is one of the best mediums to get the best of both the worlds these stars experience.

Watch the complete series here:


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