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IndustryBriefing Kashmir Observer to launch business supplement

Kashmir Observer to launch business supplement

Author | Abid Hasan | Friday, Aug 03,2012 7:06 PM

Kashmir Observer to launch business supplement

Kashmir Observer has intensified its coverage of business and is all set to launch a new daily supplement, Bazaar Observer, in Jammu & Kashmir around Independence Day this year. This media vehicle will target businesses, banks, major stores, furniture shops and so on.

The supplement will cover national and international business news, but special emphasis will be given to local business news.

Commenting on the new business supplement, Sajjad Haider, Editor-in-Chief, Kashmir Observer, said, “This project is totally new to Kashmir as no one was providing any such content earlier. Kashmir has been on the world map as a tourist destination, and in the last few years, business in the state has been on the rise. Hence, this is the right time to launch a business supplement.”

The eight-page supplement will have a print run of 18,000 copies. The ad-edit ratio will be 60:40, while the TG will include readers above the age of 20 years.

Haider further said, “This project will leverage the main paper too and readers are willing to get some business news from a local publisher. Though this initiative is an experiment, it is a much needed one as trade in the state is growing.”

The supplement will be circulated free with the main paper every day. It is being promoted through different mediums such as print, radio and the Internet. “The launch of the supplement will be on a huge platform and major entrepreneurs are invited to be a part of the ceremony,” Haider added.

Meanwhile, an online edition has been designed to interact with the readers and enable them to post their feedback.

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