IndustryBriefing Comedy Central offers a fresh line-up for its viewers in June

Comedy Central offers a fresh line-up for its viewers in June

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Jun 01,2016 2:48 PM

Comedy Central offers a fresh line-up for its viewers in June

Comedy Central has come up with a new programming and newer seasons of the comedy shows on the channel.

Alongside the ongoing F.R.I.E.N.D.S still continuing at 9pm, June will witness season premieres of two new shows – Mom (Season 3) at 10.00pm and Community (Season 1 and 2) at 10.30pm on Wednesday 1 June, 2016.

In addition to the premieres, the channel hasinteresting programming in store for Dare Day on June 1 as well as Father’s Day on June 19, 10am onwards.

Hashim D’Souza, Programming Head of English Entertainment, Viacom18 said, “We have consistently aimed at offering the best of English Entertainment through our refreshed line-up.  This month, we are elated to bring to the viewers a fresh bouquet of latest seasons and special programming. With the newest line-up and best of comedy, we are sure to continue as the viewers’ #HappyPlace on television.”

Mom revolves around Christy as she battles with alcoholism and drug addiction, living with her mother, Bonny, who is a recovering drug and alcohol addict herself. Christy turned a mother when she was 16. Her daughter Violet too is a teen mother. Awarded the Prism Awards for The Best Comedy Series, the show delves deep into real life issues such as alcoholism, teen pregnancy, cancer, homelessness, addiction and much more.

Community (Season 1 – 5)

Suspended from his job due to forgery, Jeff Winger is forced to enroll at Greendale Community College to earn a legitimate degree. A college full of diverse students with diverse temperaments adds more fun to the plot of Community. With a flamboyant dean, Craig Pelton, and his schemes to make the college seem more reputable, along with antics of their unhinged teacher Ben Chang, and a crush from his class, Britta Perry, lingering nearby with her friends, Jeff ends up learning a lot of the law, and otherwise.

Father’s Day Special - The Jim Gaffigan Show, Seed

On a day when we celebrate every child’s first hero, Comedy Central nominates two unwitting candidates: a bartending sperm-donor and a stand-up comedian, father of five! Tune in to Comedy Central to watch more of Adam Korson and Jim Giffigan in their struggles of fatherhood that they experience in their own weird ways.

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