IndustryBriefing CNBC-TV18 shows how the rich protect themselves

CNBC-TV18 shows how the rich protect themselves

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Aug 30,2012 7:53 PM

CNBC-TV18 shows how the rich protect themselves

The increase in one’s wealth brings the rise of threat to one’s personal safety. CNBC-TV18 goes behind the scenes to understand and exemplify the rudiments of providing security to the ultra-rich.

From Warren Buffett’s bodyguard to a high-tech panic room in a Hollywood mansion and on a mega yacht in Miami, CNBC-TV18 interacts with the men and women who protect the lives of super-rich people. These are nervous times for billionaires around the globe and an entire industry is on call ready to sell super security to the ultra-rich.

Dan Clark has worked as Warren Buffett’s bodyguard for almost two decades and made a name for himself in the private security world. In this show, he talks about what it takes to protect and be accountable for the cause of life and death of a world renowned personality.

The show will also feature Safe, a firm that specialises in custom-made and hidden protection gear for the ultra rich like blast doors, biological wash-downs and evacuation helipads.

Airbags, seat-belts and anti-lock brakes are not the only elements of being safe in one’s car. People living on the edge of high risks; like the exceptionally wealthy, government officials or expatriates, demand for super secured car safety mechanisms. To meet these requirements, companies have sprung up around the world to reinforce and bulletproof cars and trucks — a practice known as “up-armoring”.

Aware of the perils that come with wealth, some of the mega-rich insist on taking extreme measures to ensure ultimate protection. Security expert William Daly explains how Occupy Wall Street and other security issues are causing more worry than ever among the billionaires.

‘Dangerously Rich: Billionaire Super Security’ premieres on September 1, 2012 and will be aired on Saturday at 9:30 pm and Sunday at 8:30 pm.

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