Judging Criteria
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Welcome to the Judging Dashboard of the Indian Digital Media Awards 2013

The India Digital Media Awards nominees and winners are selected by members of the Jury from the best work entered through the call for entries from across India.

Screening of Entries:

The awardees are selected through an extensive selection process. Jury members will independently inspect each entry and rate them based on their respective judging criteria. Those entries that do not fulfill the criteria shall be disqualified. India Digital Media Awards shall not be liable to give any explanation to anyone for disqualification of entries.


  • Concept
  • Creativity and Innovation: Jury shall focus on few elements of the campaign like content, design, technological innovation, and the unique nature and/ or originality of the underlying idea. It includes writing, music, and relevant use of animation, video or anything that communicates a creative marketing message.
  • Execution: Jury shall focus on linking the purpose and effect between objectives, strategy and results of the campaign. Additional factors to be considered shall be effective use of resources, technology and implementation of the campaign.
  • Results: Jury shall evaluate campaign on the basis of the results of the campaign based on whether the campaign achieved desired results? Was it able to reach to target audience? Or any other statistic which will help in proving the results of the campaign.
  • Overall experience: The overall experience shall include creativity, content, structure, visual design, functionality, simplicity & interactivity.
  • Strategy: An entry should demonstrate approach to the overall purpose and target audience throughout each elements of the campaign.

Each entry will be put through an evaluation in the pre-jury round against a pre-set criterion for the respective category. The average score arrived by the individual scores for each entry submitted by sub jury members will be considered to shortlist the top 5 entries to be considered by the full Jury. All nominated entries from all categories will be put to discussion by the full Jury and the winner will be chosen through consensus and if required, through voting. If the Jury cannot agree on the winner, the Jury Chair will decide the winners. Entries are to be scored on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being the score for abstaining and 0.5 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest. Point assignment should be based on the following:

  • 10 Excellent/ Outstanding
  • 9 Very Good
  • 8 Good
  • 7 Above average
  • 6 Average
  • 5 Below average
  • 4 Poor
  • 3 Very Poor
  • 2 Unacceptable
  • 0.5 Not worth scoring/Not acceptable
  • 0 Abstain
  • No response = not applicable (incase if it is not in the relevant category)

Please note that this is the first phase of scoring. On the basis of your scores, we will prepare a shortlist, which will then be presented at the final jury meet: 4th June, 2013 in Delhi. If you require a clarification, please feel free to contact:
Vishal Singhal at +91 9999658436, vishal.singhal@exchange4media.com

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